Friday, April 29, 2011


She did not start; no spark. Thank goodness it is the new cassette design with the screws, so it will be easy to synchronize.

So, started the engine. It runs well, BUT....

... a DELUGE of hydraulic fluid!

I removed the front fender...

... and found this:

I've removed about half bucket of mice nest.

Mice pee and moisture rusted a high pressure line. I have purchased a line which is coated; this will last for another 40 years.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1973 SM Auto

This is a 1973 SM "Automatique" that did not run for 3 years. The chassis is rust free as far as I can see. A few rust spots on the body but the paint is beautiful. When I'm done detailing it, this car will be ready for car shows.

Mice and raccoons did some damage unfortunately.

Mice found the glove box very comfortable and the owner's manual very tasty as well.

I had to undo the pressure regulator to access the radiator drain cock...

... which was seized and broke. I got it opened finally.

Found some mice food remains in the air filter.

Cylinder #2 is burning oil. I have squirted some oil in the cylinders to lubricate the rings in the mean time.

The battery tray was rusted but I have seen worse.

As always, I put grease to protect the tray against the oxygen and the acid.

New battery in place.

The cross member is bent and I could not open the drain plug to drain the Borg Warner. I've used a pump and did it from the top.

For the record. The fluid are changed and I've put 5 gal of new gas to revive the old one.

Next: Add the coolant and the hydraulic fluid, then I start the engine.