Tuesday, May 10, 2011

She can move again...

This part will show through the hood opening; this badly rusted and ugly.

Better now.

The rack is back together...

... And back in the car.

Small leak on the upper left corner of the radiator.

No more hydraulic leak. I could get her out of the garage and turn her around. The radiator has a small leak on the upper left; a stop leak product might do the trick.

I have put back together the pedalo's parts and cover. The carpet was soaked with hydraulic fluid...

Clean now!

The door separating the chassis access with the passenger compartment was badly rusted.

I've used acid and a grinder to get rid of the rust.

In place:

I've re-glued the carpets and this part is done.

I've sprayed some oil (Rust protection) and lubed the front end before putting the fender back on.

Found a dead body and bones again...

One of the rear tail pipes fell off.

This tire is ready to blow out at any time :o/
She is starting to look like a car again.

The fender is back on.


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